Joseph Requerme Photo

Joseph Requerme Photo was born out of the love of art and the love shared between its owners, Joseph and Lovelyn. We are a young and adventurous couple who enjoys traveling and loves capturing the visual beauty of iconic places as well as familiar tourist destinations around the Philippines.

For us, weddings are about people and the moments they share with friends and family on their wedding day. We are inspired by those moments and make authentic photographs that represent the experience of the day and also the personalities of the couple.  Our mission is to provide you with photographs that will blow your mind, make your friends and family proud and give you treasured memories for years to come.

About the Photographer

Before becoming a professional photographer, I would always capture pictures of family and friends’ events. Eventually, my casual hobby became a burning passion that I grew to love. There was rarely a time when I didn’t have my camera on hand, since I never wanted to miss a chance to snap a random or memorable moment.

One day, I was offered the opportunity to photograph a friend’s wedding. Equipped with a basic DSLR kit, I was able to channel my passion and record some very special moments of the day. Even though I was not the main photographer for the wedding, I treated the opportunity as a chance to display my skills and professionalism, and my friends were quite pleased with the results. As luck would have it, the main photographer – who had come as part of an all-inclusive wedding package – lost all of the photos that he had taken that day. I was thrilled that I could provide the couple with the photos that I had taken, so that the memories of their wedding would not be forgotten. From that moment on, I continued to get bookings to photograph more friends’ weddings, birthday parties, and special events, which allowed me to further hone my skills as a photographer.

After returning to Cebu City, I began laying the foundations for a professional photography career. My first professional booking was challenging and rewarding, and I connected with other professionals in the local business community to continue increasing my knowledge and adapting to the needs of the local market.

The number of wedding and special events photographers in and around Cebu City continues to grow, but my passion for the craft and my artistic spirit are what helps set me apart from the rest. I love getting to know my potential clients over a cup of coffee, and planning how to turn their wedding day, special event, or personal portrait into a treasured investment that they will cherish for a lifetime.

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