Photography: Joseph Requerme of Joseph Requerme Photography – Cebu Wedding Photographer | Coordination: Joy Abellana Ceniza | Videography:Nelo Kangleon Rebojo of Nelo Rebojo Stills&Motion | Host/DJ: Ryan Uybengkee | HMUA: Agbay Joseph | Gown: Marichu Tan-geson | Dressup Hotel: Crown Regency Hotel – Club Ultima | Church: San Pedro Calungsod Chapel | Reception: Grand Convention Center of Cebu

When Jennifer and Roberto decided to meet me to look at my portfolio and talk to me over a cup of coffee, I immediately knew that the couple would be an awesome pair. We got the contract signed and planned for the engagement session with the help of their family. The engagement session allowed us to know each other, on how I work and on how far will the couple go in terms of shooting time and alas, both of them survived the whole day shoot hopping on 3 locations in Lapu-lapu. See the photos of their Prenup shoot here.

During their wedding day, both of them came prepared and relaxed. Also, the entourage are very bubbly and easy to talk to. Following each instruction smoothly. The preparation venue was in Crown Regency Hotel – Club Ultima. It was a bit of challenge to my team because the groom’s prep room is in the other building. Good thing we came prepared and with the help of my skilled shooters we are able to pull the prep shoot of the bride and groom simultaneously.

The ceremony venue is in San Pedro Calungsod Chapel, one of my favorite church to shoot a wedding ceremony. Aside from its modern architecture, I love how the light sneaks inside the church. Plus, there’s a bonus, we are able to meet Pat Dy (one of the best wedding photographer in Philippines). It was followed by the reception in Grand Convention Center of Cebu.


R&J Wedding-9952

R&J Wedding-2956


R&J Wedding-1302

R&J Wedding-3121

R&J Wedding-2906

R&J Wedding-3004

R&J Wedding-2867

R&J Wedding-2982

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R&J Wedding-9694


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R&J Wedding-9956

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R&J Wedding-6825

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R&J Wedding-2899

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R&J Wedding-1462

R&J Wedding-1475

R&J Wedding-1478

R&J Wedding-1493

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R&J Wedding-1569

R&J Wedding-3044

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R&J Wedding-9862

R&J Wedding-9887

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R&J Wedding-0307

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R&J Wedding-9983

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R&J Wedding-0203

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R&J Wedding-0655

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R&J Wedding-1792

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R&J Wedding-1876

R&J Wedding-1910

R&J Wedding-1938

R&J Wedding-1947

R&J Wedding-2014

R&J Wedding-3359

R&J Wedding-3580

R&J Wedding-3610


R&J Wedding-2036

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R&J Wedding-2074

R&J Wedding-2094

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R&J Wedding-2201

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R&J Wedding-2222

R&J Wedding-3681

R&J Wedding-3705

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R&J Wedding-3766

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R&J Wedding-3882

R&J Wedding-3898

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R&J Wedding-7419

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